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Virtual Doula Services

A man holding a newborn baby Ottawa Virtual Doula Services

2020 was a year! It was challenging, exhausting, and completely upending for most of us. It also shone a spotlight on those in our community affected most by isolation. From the financially challenged, to the lonely. From single parents to the disabled, and from black owned businesses to small business, Covid-19 has shown us who needs more of our help. And for this I am grateful.

Covid has also reminded us of which parts of life we are in most need of love and support. And it’s not just birthdays and holidays. It’s also birth and death. In the midst of this pandemic, we need each other more than ever. Birth is a one of the life experiences for which support is most important. Having support and guidance during labour, delivery and postpartum can mean the difference between someone feeling energized and empowered by their birth experience and someone feeling isolated and disempowered.

With current Covid restrictions in place, doulas are able to attend birth center and home births but are prevented from attending hospital births. This has been upsetting for myself and many other doulas. We, above anyone else, know just how valuable the service we provide is for those who need and want it. The idea of our clients wanting our support ,but not being able to have it, is truly upsetting.

Fortunately, people are resilient and determined to find a way! Our community of birth workers has come up with a solution that enables doulas to provide expert guidance and emotional support from afar, virtual doula services!

I know, I was skeptical about this at first. So much of my support is physical. From providing massage and cold compresses to running out for food for the birth team, I LOVE being present for birth. However, so much of what a doula does is encourage, hold space and make suggestions. For example, we can encourage breathing during contractions and relaxing in between by FaceTime. We can recommend changes in labour position or walk a partner through sacral massage over the phone. We can remind our clients that it is ok to ask for more time when making important decisions regarding their birth and provide evidence-based information to support their decision making.

For my clients who have chosen a hospital birth, I am now offering the prenatal package structure:

  • 30-minute Virtual Doula Discovery Call – This is our chance to interview each other and make sure that we are a good fit for working together.

  • Two prenatal appointments done either virtually or in person based upon my client’s comfort.

  • Unlimited phone, text, and email support.

  • 24/7 on call availability leading up to the birth.

  • In home, or virtual, early labour support.

  • Virtual support while in the hospital during labour and birth.

  • One postpartum follow up visit either in person or provided virtually.

While I would always rather attend birth in person, I am so grateful for the technology that has made it possible for me to stay connected with my clients and to support them during one of the most transformative events of their lives.

Do you have questions about virtual doula support? Please do not hesitate to reach out!

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