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Nutrition Services

Holistic Nutrition services centre around the principle that each person is biochemically unique, and therefore requires individualized dietary, supplement, and lifestyle recommendations. Nutrition plays a critical role in fertility and the prenatal, postnatal and pediatric periods. Our Nutritionist, Julia Davie, is trained in optimizing dietary wellness, supporting individual health concerns, and supporting her clients though customized meal planning. 


Fertility -When it comes to fertility, having a nutritious diet is incredibly important! Julia works one on one with both partners to provide customized recommendations that maximize the chances of conceiving and support the future health of both the baby and the pregnant person. 


Pregnancy and postpartum- Julia provides customized prenatal nutrition, supplement, and lifestyle recommendations for the prenatal and postnatal periods. Commonly supported health concerns include but are not limited to optimizing nutrition, support for vegan or vegetarian pregnancies, morning sickness, low iron or anemia, constipation, gestational diabetes, improving energy levels, prenatal and postnatal depression and anxiety, postpartum depletion.


Breastfeeding – Julia offers breastfeeding dietary support. Many people don’t realize that the foods and supplements you take while breastfeeding can impact the production of breastmilk! This service is geared towards maximizing the body’s ability to produce milk. 


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