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Reflexology and Pregnancy

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Reflexology can be such beneficial treatment no matter where you are in life, but during pregnancy and the postpartum time the benefits can be appreciated even more! Receiving reflexology is safe and non-invasive during all stages of pregnancy.

The main goals in any reflexology treatment are to help the body find balance within itself, ease stress and anxiety, and to bring in relaxation. Taking some time to receive a caring service is a great way to pause from your stresses and connect with your body and your baby. Sometimes we just really need a break!

There are other benefits that can be experienced (keeping in mind that every body is different and feels things differently) too! During the later stages of pregnancy fluid can build in the calves and feet. If this swelling is not being caused by an underlying medical condition then reflexology can help! Being off your feet for a while and receiving a wonderful massage focusing on your feet can move the fluids out of your ankles.

Reflexology has also been known to ease constipation which can be a common occurrence during pregnancy. Sleep is another issue that reflexology can help with. Sleep disturbances are common during pregnancy and the postpartum period and reflexology can help!

There are many other potential ways reflexology can help during pregnancy (almost too many to name). It can be a lovely addition to your self care! If you have any concerns about bodywork during your pregnancy be sure to discuss it with your care provider. And if you have any questions about reflexology, please feel free to reach out anytime!

Michele Appleby Clarida, RRPr

Nurtured Birth Ottawa

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