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Postpartum Doula Give Away!

A father holds his newborn baby in his arms. They are standing next to a window and a door.

We have some exciting news... We are celebrating! Our instagram page has grown to over 2000 followers! Now, this might not sound like a big deal for most of you. Afterall, there are many accounts with thousands of followers. So, why does it matter that our itty bitty birth account has increased its following to 2000 people?? Because it means that we have built a beautiful community!

As Ottawa Doulas we are fortunate to have a strong community of local birth workers and perinatal support workers that we are able to call on and connect with. We also have an amazing number of families that we have stayed in touch with, and continue to nurture, since supporting them to have transformative birth experiences. But, as we all know, it takes a village. And what is more beautiful than growing our village past the physical boundaries of the Ottawa, Gatineau and surrounding areas that we support as Doulas in Ottawa?

The more that that we are able to share information about empowered birth, the more that we are able to inspire families to pursue the birth experience that THEY want, and the more connections we make with other birth doulas doing this important work, the better! What a great reason to celebrate! And what better way to celebrate than with a give away?!

As one of our goals this year is to branch out from birth and provide support for both parents and babies during the tender and vulnerable postpartum period, we have decided to give away two incredible postpartum doula packages!! In celebration of both our local and virtual community, we will be giving away one in person and one virtual postpartum package.

We will be announcing this giveaway on both our Instagram and Facebook pages sometime over the next few weeks and include details of how to enter. Please keep your eye out for more information. You won't want to miss out!

As Doulas in Ottawa, Julia Davie, Michele Appleby and Kaylee Cumming service the Ottawa and Gatineau area. As passionate birth workers it is our mission to support you in having an empowered and transformative birth experience. Interested in scheduling in for a doula discovery call with a member from our team? Contact us to book your free call!

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