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Ottawa Postpartum Doula Services

New born baby with their eyes closed wearing a blue hat. A hand is pulling the blanket up, tucking it under their chin.

Some exciting news! We are launching a new service in 2023!! Soon Nurtured Birth Ottawa will be adding postpartum doula services to our list of offerings for the Ottawa and Gatineau region.

What is a postpartum doula?

Postpartum doulas are trained support providers who supply emotional and practical assistance to new parents. This assistance may include infant care, infant feeding, support for mothers recovering from childbirth, light housework, meal preparation, and and caring for the baby while parents catch up on some much needed rest. We are honored to be able to provide this important service to the Ottawa and Gatineau community.

Our goal for postpartum support.

Our goal is to provide support for both parents and babies during the tender and vulnerable time following birth, and to help families feel nurtured during the postpartum period. Our hope is that empowered postpartum experiences will, in turn, prepare the way for healthy and empowered families!

Keep your eye out for more announcements about our postpartum support!

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