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Meet your Doulas: Julia, Michele, Kaylee, Halima, Jess, Elizabeth, Danielle and Kelli

Meet Julia

Julia Davie

Hello! I’m Julia, birth and postpartum doula, nutritionist, and yoga instructor. I have been supporting families in Ottawa, Gatineau and the surrounding areas for the past 10 years.


As the daughter of a midwife, I grew up with a deep love of and appreciation for birth. I witnessed many births as a child and teenager, but it was only after the birth of my own three children that I realized the importance of doula support. I came to understand that, with a nurturing birth team, birth can be a powerful and transformational experience. When birth becomes challenging, having a doula by one’s side, to navigate decision making and provide physical and emotional support, reduces birth trauma.


Supporting families during pregnancy, throughout labour and birth, and during the postpartum period is something I am incredibly passionate about. I never mind being woken up in the middle of the night to attend a birth. In fact, I am thrilled! Birth work is my heart's work. 


My approach is heart centered, holistic, inclusive and trauma informed. My support is customized to the needs of each family that I serve and draws from my extensive experience as not just a birth and postpartum doula, but also as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Prenatal Yoga Instructor.

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Michele Appleby-Clarida

Hi! I am Michele, birth and postpartum doula, reflexologist, reiki practitioner and certified aromatherapist. I have a special interest in the mind body connection in relation to birth, and supporting folks who experience prenatal, birth and postpartum anxiety.


The births of my two amazing children changed me in so many ways. I had never felt so present in my body than I did in birth. Birth provided the opportunity to witness and appreciate the strength of both my body and my mind. It was this reverence for my own experience of labour and birth, along with some prompting from Julia who had been my doula for both of my children, that lead me to complete my birth doula training in 2020. Since then it has been my honour to support many beautiful and diverse families across the Ottawa and Gatineau area. 


My doula support is grounded in being present and holding space for others. My support is non-judgemental and inclusive, placing the family’s individualized needs at the very center of their pregnancy, birth and postpartum.


When I am not doula-ing, you will likely find me taking a course, (learning is one of my deepest passions), or providing hands-on services to my clients as a reflexologist, aromatherapist, and holistic esthetician. In my off time I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, and snuggling with my two cats, Seamus and Oslo.

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Meet Michele

Kaylee Cumming

I  find pregnancy and birth fascinating! Staring from a body worker’s perspective I began to hone my skills in prenatal care through registered massage therapy, which I have been practicing since 2006. In 2017 I decided to take the leap into Labour support/Doula work.


When my first child was born in 2019 I was rocked by the enormity of motherhood. I felt compelled to add  Postpartum Doula to my list of certifications to aid families through this sometimes difficult transition. I will also become a lactation consult in the near future!

In 2021 I gave birth to my second baby, completing my  blended family of 4 children. I love the chaos of a home filled with so many different ages and personalities.

I love working with families during birth and postpartum and feel so honoured to be a part of the most special moment in their lives. Whether I am teaching postures, exercises, educating about the birth process or hands on comfort measures, I truly feels like this  work is a privilege and my special calling .

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Meet Kaylee

Halima Hassan

Hello! I’m Halima, Registered Nurse and Postpartum Doula.

A well-planned support team is one of the most essential tools for a positive postpartum experience. As your Postpartum Doula, my goal is to nurture and provide encouragement. I strive to create a safe space for asking questions and learning the language of your baby. I nurture new families by providing practical, informational and emotional support.

My professional background includes over a decade of postpartum nursing. I’ve worked with hundreds of families in the role of maternal child nursing. My focusing was on health promotion, teaching, and supporting new mothers’ mental and emotional health. I now use my nursing experience to offer evidence based guidance for families during the sometimes challenging and deeply meaningful period following birth.

I am the mother of 5 children. I speak three languages including English, Arabic and Somali. In my spare time I love gardening, cooking and nourishing my family with delicious and healthy food. I love essential oils and using aromatherapy in my day to day life. I also love practicing hot yoga!

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Meet Halima

Jess Levasseur

I never imagined working in the birth world! I had no idea what a doula was until a friends mentioned the word. I did a little research and thought I'd probably hire one for my birth one day. Well I did and she was amazing! 


After doing so much of my own research during my pregnancy, I couldn't believe how much I didn't know about my own body and what birth was truly going to be like. I went from someone who was filled with anxiety about a human growing inside of her to someone who couldn't wait to birth her baby at home! 


I was six months pregnant when I knew I was going to become a doula. I had an amazing birth experience (planned homebirth-hospital transfer by choice). Two months later I started my doula training, then added reflexology training. One here later, I've had the pleasure of supporting multiple families. 


As a holistic full-spectrum doula, I enjoy teaching people about their fertility, whether they are trying to conceive or avoid pregnancy, educating families about birth or preparing families for the transition into the postpartum period.  It's truly a privilege to serve families in the way that supports them most.

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Meet Jess
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Elizabeth Foster

Hello! My name is Elizabeth and I am a birth and postpartum doula as well as a gentle infant sleep educator. My hope, in these roles, is to support families to help them feel empowered as parents and to gain the tools they need and want in order to parent the way that is best for their family.

 After the birth of my first baby I knew that supporting families during this time was something important and necessary. I knew in my heart that this work was for me and felt the pull to be a support person in the role of doula. 

 I am also passionate about supporting infant sleep and work with families to provide strategies that get everyone in the family the sleep that they need to feel happy and healthy. There is a lot going on for a baby (and the rest of the family!) at this time. Having an understanding of how your baby's sleep can look, and knowing ways you can still get the sleep you need can make the adjustment to life with a baby smoother. 

I love working with families while they welcome a new addition, and feel honoured to be there to be a support physically, mentally and through education.

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Meet Elizabeth

Danielle McEachern

Hi! My name is Danielle, and I’m a birth and postpartum doula who is passionate about physiology, education and informed consent. 


My practice is rooted in the physiology of birth and the newborn. Every cell of our body knows how to birth. I believe that when we understand how birth happens in our bodies and our minds, we can trust the process, and more easily follow our instincts. No matter how we choose to birth, with or without medication or medical intervention, supporting the physiological process helps birth proceed well and contributes to a positive experience for parents. 


The same applies when our baby arrives - we intuitively know how to care for them. And, new parents benefit from having realistic expectations of postpartum, loving encouragement, and practical support from a compassionate doula. We aren’t meant to parent alone, especially with the demands of modern life - a doula helps to ease the transition, and support you in finding your confidence.

I am a relentless advocate for informed consent. Birth is transformative event that is remembered for the rest of our lives; everyone deserves a positive experience. That begins with education about what to expect, and what choices we have. In the birth space, parents can relax, knowing that their doula is there to advocate for their preferences. 


My goal as a doula is to wholeheartedly support my clients in conceiving and realizing their positive birth and postpartum experiences. I trust them to be the experts of their care, and that of their babies. 

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Meet Danielle

Kelli Vidiuk

Hi! I'm Kelli, birth and postpartum doula, breast feeding and lactation educator.


I’ve been providing care and support in one way or another for most of my life. I started as a Rehabilitation Worker caring for young adults with various mental and physical disabilities, which lead me to a fulfilling career as a Personal Support Worker for children and adults with severe spinal cord injuries. From 2012-2017 I travelled abroad and found work as a Nanny in Australia, then as a Healthcare Assistant providing Hospice Care to terminally ill patients in New Zealand and even helped rebuild a village on the remote islands of Fiji after a devastating cyclone.

Caring for others is rooted in my DNA, but It wasn’t until I began supporting friends through pregnancy and postpartum that I decided I wanted to be a doula. As I listened to their different birth stories, I realized there is a huge gap in the system when it comes to supporting expectant mothers. I want to change that.

I want to empower mothers by creating a safe space, where your voice is heard, while providing exceptional pregnancy care, non-judgmental support, and evidence-based information. When things get crazy, I’ll be the calm and steady presence in the room, keeping you educated on all your different options and providing you with the tools to advocate for yourself and own your birth!

My #1 goal is making sure you feel supported in your choices and that you’re respected. It’s your body, your birth, your baby; and I’m here to support YOU, no matter what choices you make for you and your family.

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Meet Kelli
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