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TENS machine rental information

We have two types of units available for rental: the Obi TENS and the TensCare by Mama TENS. Both units are made specifically for birth.

Each TENS rental is for 4 weeks, comes with free drop off and pick up, and includes the following:

  • TENS Unit

  • Lead wire

  • Set of batteries

  • Complete set of 4 electrodes

  • 1 neck cord

  • Instruction booklet


OB Tens - $75.00

TensCare by MamaTens - $95.00


Renting a TENS machine from Nurtured Birth is simple and straightforward:


1. Contact Us: Reach out to our team to inquire about TENS machine availability for your due date.

2. Reservation: Secure your TENS machine by completing the rental reservation process.

3. Pickup or Delivery: Choose between convenient pickup options or have the TENS machine delivered to your doorstep.

4. Guidance: Receive personalized guidance from our doulas on how to use the TENS machine effectively.

5. Return: After your birth, reach out to arrange drop off or pickup up of the TENS machine.


Reach out today to secure your TENS rental!

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